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We speak VET!

Our VETS and KOLs networks have been built around specific topics in the Animal Healthcare field.
Translation Service Chef Du Monde Animal Health

Whatever your range of products, get virtually
ready-to-use in country translations

We are l00% dedicated to Animal Health language services.

All our linguists are native speakers of the target languages and experts in Animal Health content. Project management and quality assurance are performed in-house by staff with expertise in this area.

Some projects may require complementary services such as abstracting, rewriting, copywriting, reviewing after layout and DTP services. Very technical content (e.g. scientific articles) may require revision by a veterinarian surgeon or verification of regulatory compliance – all these services are also available upon request.
Chef Du Monde Process Animal Health

4 options, 1 shared process

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When the translation requires deeper technical knowledge. We involve a veterinarian surgeon in the translation process, either as a traslator or revisor.
Trained Project Manager Chef Du Monde


Regulation compliant SPCs, Petfood & feed labels, Directional Inserts and SDS.
Specialisation Chef Du Monde Animal Health


Specialised translation no matter who the target audience is.
Choose between 3 or 2 steps.
Sworn Translation Chef Du Monde


We can help you meet the Authorities requirements for content validation.

Word Production Cycle

WordCycle Translation Animal Health Chef Du Monde

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