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About us

This is what you “buy” when you choose Chef Du Monde as your animal health translation provider.
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Our Origins

Chef Du Monde was created in the United Kingdom in 2001 and has been based in Barcelona since 2005.

We are project managers specialising in handling all aspects of our translation projects. A robust network of linguists and veterinarians specialising in the translation of any animal health-related topic.

Specialists in customer engagement with strong, in-depth knowledge of the current market.

Origins Chef Du Monde Animal Health

Chef du Monde joins Grupo Asís

One Health, one communication, one company. We help the healthcare industry to successfully reach professionals, sales networks and consumers developing strategic actions in the field of communication, training and promotion.


At your service.



Science Graduates

In house.


Global presence.
Chef Du Monde Grupo Asis

Over 20 years of experience

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+2000 projects

Completed in the healthcare sector.
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40.000 copies

Of technical books produced.
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+300.000 monthly digital deliveries

With relevant technical content.
Course Enrollments Chef Du Monde

+200.000 copies of professional magazines

Published annually.
Digital Deliveries Chef Du Monde

+30.000 course enrollments

Each year.

Grupo Asís is part of the international publishing group EDRA S.p.A.

With more than 600 professionals in its staff it is one of the largest specialised companies in the publishing and communication healthcare sector
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